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The research and development is one of Geomnia's priorities, which is constituted in 2008 by the aim to be a link of union in the System Science-Technology-Enterprise taking advantage of of both the experience in the scientific field as in the private company of its promoters. At present, from Geomnia we believe in the active collaboration with research centers and universities, thus contributing to the technological transfer of knowledge. Geomnia participates as technical assistance in national research projects and other projects controlled by private entities. On the other hand, Geomnia has developed projects of industrial investigation in the framework of the helps of the Subprogram Torres-Quevedo of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, as the establishment of a laboratory of 3D geological modelling for the digital reconstruction of entities and geological processes or more recently, the development of scientific-technical applications for gas monitoring (222Rn or CO2) of endogenous origin.


Geomnia possesses a radon gas spectrometer Durridge RAD-7 and K-ELG-33 Data Loggers for CO2 measurement that we use for the determination of these gases in underground environments. In karstic environments with manifestations of the historical heritage, as cavities with paintings and cave engravings or other hypogean environments as the catacombs, there are frequent the studies for characterization of microenvironmental parameters, which include gases as Rn222 and CO2, with the aim to characterize respectively the ventilation of the environment and the affection of high CO2 in the alteration of the elements to preserve. The variation of radon gas in the air of a cavity is one of the most useful parameters as quantitative index of the ventilation. In addition, we are developing other applications for the determination of the radon gas in soils for exploration of geothermal resources and uranium or the monitoring of this gas in homes in the field of the environmental health.

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