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Saline and carbonatic rocks

The professionals of GEOMNIA provide an unique experience in the analysis of saline and carbonatic formations, with special emphasis in the study of the relations between rock and fluid. This way, the professionals of GEOMNIA are actively working on projects of underground storage of hydrocarbons in leaching caverns created in saline formations and diapirs of the Iberian Peninsula, or research projects for CO2 storage.

In addition, the work experience in karstic environments is remarkable, both in paleokarst or active karstic systems, with multiple applications, such as diagenetic studies, geochemical and mineralogical characterization, degradation of carbonatic host-rock for prehistoric art, study of microclimatic parameters in cavities, applied hydrochemistry, geoarchaeology, etc.

Also, GEOMNIA holds an important experience in exploration of saline resources in the Iberian Peninsula and worldwide, such as potash (Geomnia Potash Group) and other industrial minerals (halite, borates, sodium carbonate, etc.).

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